Sunday, October 30, 2011

Good Ole Gap, Diamond in the Rough?

With the fairly recent change up at the designer level at Gap, the company has really taken a new marketing approach with their denim line. The brand is now boasting about the craftsmanship that goes into every pair of jeans.

While I have always been a customer at Gap for most of my life. I started to gravitate away from the brand after highschool. I'm not sure why I moved away from the brand. It could have been because I associated the brand with low quality made in china and the styling to be too conservative and bland.

After graduating college in 2010, I revisited the American staple. I can safely say that the brand has reinvented its denim line and updated the cuts as well as the quality. Below are my favorite picks ranging from skinny, slim to straight. In addition to the great new line, the prices aren't bad. Just make sure to look for 30% off coupons! All the jeans below are sub $60 after any discounts online.

Notice how the jeans are all slim but not too skinny aka "spray painted on". Also, the dark pigment lends each pair a sophisticated look. The beauty of these jeans is that you do not wash them every week. You need to wear them often and just soak the jeans in cold water if they get too dirty. After a year of wear, you can machine wash normally and you will achieve some AMAZING fades that are unique to only YOU.

Maybe consider revisiting your local Gap and trying on a pair.

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