Saturday, November 5, 2011

Go Brazilian!

Waxing an object does not always mean taking a layer off... Sometimes, it means adding a layer on. Waxed jeans lay on the further end of the wacky spectrum of fashion. The waxed trend started with the reintroduction of skinny jeans to fashion. The most notable designer to push the look was Dior Homme's Heidi Slimane. The designer that led the House of Dior into the top spot for men's wear. He took the androgyny and "heroin hero" look back to the runways and they loved him for it.

The concept of waxed jeans does not veer too far from the rock-n-roll star look. Skinny jeans that have a little pop and are $300+. Definitely "rock-star". Now if you are asking yourself, "how can I get a rockstar look with a cockstar budget?" Well, this blog DIY Waxed Jeans has a tutorial on how to breathe new life into an older pair of jeans. 

Here are a few more pictures of waxed jeans to let you guys get a better idea of the look.